Our Pricing

This is a know-what-you’re-paying-for with no-hidden-fees kind of place.
Everything (yes, everything) is on this chart.

Per Photo

Includes professional editing for each photo with 1 revision session

Product-Only With Model
General Product $19 $38
Soft / Leather $24 $43
Basic Food $28 $47
Apparel $28 $47
Reflective / Transparent $28 $47
Jewelry $29 $48
Towels / Linen $29 $48
Photo Add-on

Each photo add-on requires a product-only or model photo

Per Photo
Artificial Lifestyle $50
Simple Infographics $14
Advanced Infographics $29
Premium editing Includes 3 revision sessions $19

Single angle or steady-cam video professionally edited with simple effects

Per Video
Video 15–45 s from $190

Preparation fees depend on product type and number of preparations

Per Prep
Product Preparation $0–$10
Booking Models

Includes casting, booking, and minimal hair and makeup styling

Per Booking
Male, Female, Baby $140

Setup fees based on background, lighting and camera arrangement, and shooting location. Orders may have multiple setups based on the number of angles and set stylings

Per Setup Per Scene
White Background $50 $50
In-Studio Lifestyle Styled in studio with small to mid-size props. Cost of purchasing special props not included $200 $50
Out-Studio Lifestyle Shot outdoors or on location. Permits, booking and rental fees not included $400 $50

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