Our Pricing

This is a know-what-you’re-paying-for with no-hidden-fees kind of place.
Everything (yes, everything) is on this chart.

Per Edited Photo

Each photo includes professional editing / retouching for each photo with 1 revision

Product-only shot Any product. Any angle. From straight-on shots on white / solid colored background to ghost mannequins. $29
Product with a Model On white / solid colored background. Model booking fees apply $48
+ Hi-end editing addon Advanced retouching including up to 3 revisions. Recommended for some jewelry / complex products and intended to make the products look absolutely flawless. $19
+ Infographics addon from $14
Per Edited Video

Simple videos, instructional videos and simple ads for social media

Product-only video. 15–45 secondsShot from one angle and professionaly edited with simple effects applied $190
Product with a Model video. 15–45 seconds Model booking fees apply $310
+ Video addonsSoundtracks, Voiceovers, Infographics $20 – $90
Other Charges

Depending upon your requirements the below charges may apply

Product Preparation FeeCharged per product. Some products may require time consuming preparation. They are: Towels & Linen, Apparel, Watches & Jewelry $4 – $10
Model Booking Fee Charged once per order $140
Lifestyle Arrangement Fee Charged once per order. The price varies upon the complexity of your request. Does not include the costs of any props to be rented our bought $200 – $400
Minimal Order Amount

We welcome small orders, however there is minimal amount for photo / video shooting and editing


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