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Deabreu Bags Case Study: Unraveling the Story Behind Products Through Photographic Storytelling

How effortless collaboration helped this Italian leather bag designer to tell the story of their products in three different ways

The Client: Who is Deabreu?

Deabreu is an Italian luxury designer bags company that designs and manufactures bags for men and women. The company is well-known for its signature style, which blends the geometric lines of architecture with the artisan’s storytelling craft.

Over time, the genuine leather used in Deabreu bags develops natural wear, making each designer bag a unique creation that tells the story of its owner.

The company approached Yellow Duck Works seeking white background photography for eCommerce with one extra caveat; the composition of each image needed to include elements that highlighted the sharp, geometric angles of the bags.

Photoshoots: Collaborating with Deabreu

Working from this original brief, Yellow Duck Works’ photography team developed a vision to serve as the starting point of creating the perfect set of eCommerce photos for Deabreu. The following product shots are a result of this first set:

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Deabreu was thrilled at the results of this initial set and requested a further photoshoot session. This time, hero shots were requested, showing the Deabreu bags in an abstract, geometric environment that highlighted the bags’ unique design features – and cool factor.

The following images are the result of this second hero shot photoshoot:

The ease of working with Yellow Duck Works – together with the stunning product photography – convinced Deabreu that they had found the right photography team to partner with.

Satisfied with the results of the two preceding photoshoots, Deabreu requested a final photoshoot with our models. This model photoshoot resulted in a fantastic set of eCommerce images:

The photos may look elegant and reflect Deabreu’s core brand values – but as this short backstage video shows, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun behind the lens!

The Results – and Deabreu’s Satisfaction

What started out as a single photoshoot designed to highlight the breathtaking angular geometry of Deabreu bags eventually grew into three separate photoshoots – product only, hero shots, and model shots.

Deabreu was thrilled with the results of each photoshoot – and also pleased that this was all achieved within their budget, on their terms, with no difficulties. Today, Deabreu is using the results of this photoshoot on their eCommerce pages and marketing collateral.

Work with Yellow Duck Works

Interested in working with us, but don’t know where to get started? Like Deabreu, you can always choose to start with a smaller, simpler project. Doing so doesn’t just mean that we tune into what you’re looking for, but also gives you a good idea of what to expect moving on.

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