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The Humble White Background Product Photos Is A Sales Superstar – Here’s Why

Just like a little black dress is a wardrobe essential for women around the world, the lowkey white background product photo is a staple you’ll find on every ecommerce store’s product pages.

But why? For the hundreds of articles out there that will show you how to take the perfect white background image, getting an answer to this question is surprisingly difficult.

In fact, the answer is simpler than you might think: when it comes to sales, this safe, slightly bland style of product photography crushes it like no other. What’s more, it also offers a lot of other benefits to make your life easier.

White Background Photos Are Champions of Consistency

In a recent Shopify survey, 50% of shoppers said that product photos were the most important part of a product page for them, with many agreeing that they preferred white backgrounds. The reason why is unsurprising – it lets them see what a product actually looks like.

From a branding perspective, a white background product photo doesn’t just put the product at the focus of the image without distraction; it also gives stores an uncluttered, clean, and consistent look.

Creative Hive Co points out that this gorgeous consistency and laser focus has one more benefit: the media loves them. High quality white background shots can easily be added to their publication without a ton of editing, which means you’ll have an easier time showcasing your products in the media that your target market reaches.

Make Multichannel Marketing Easy with White Background Product Images

It’s not just your customers and the media who love white background photos – your marketing team does, too! Multichannel marketing and selling – or using different websites to promote and sell your products in plain English – is an area where white background photos come into their own.

If you plan to sell on Amazon or be featured on Google Shopping, then having a white background photo is mandatory. Amazon insists on a pure white background as a strict image requirement, while Google offers slightly more choice with a choice of white, gray, or lightly colored neutral backgrounds.

With a white background picture, you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll without making any further changes. On social media, white background photos don’t perform so well fighting against other eye-catching content – but they’re still a great asset thanks to how easy they are to edit.

Editing a White Background Image Is Easier for Novices

Social media is all about the attention – and that means having images that scream “look at me!” For this reason, lifestyle photos are more effective – but that doesn’t mean white background photos are out.

Even if you have limited photo editing experience, the clean lines of a white background photo make it easy to cut out your product and insert it into your social media marketing collateral. Pictures with more going on in them – especially a busy background – can leave you frustrated and getting nowhere after hours of painstaking work.

With the white background product image, it’s as simple as cut and paste – and whether you or your social media manager is doing this editing job, you’ll both be thankful for the sharp lines of a white background.

Make Your Product Photography Work for You

The key to enjoying all the benefits that white background photography has to offer is to ensure that they are high quality, professional shots. While it sounds simple to DIY, getting it just right is a lot harder than it looks – and you’ll soon find costs mounting up from all the equipment you need to buy.

If you want to save time and guarantee great results, then a professional photographer is the answer. Yellow Duck Works specializes in white background product photography; why not contact us today to find out how we can give your product lineup the white background superstar treatment?